Characters so Far

Kirk YesKirk Yes, possessor of the purple thought rectangles and our protagonist. Read the Story to find out more

General Kintamine

General Peter Kintamine, an Army General, General Kintamine’s name is too long to fit properly in the card slot on his door. It has been a problem he’s had all his life.

Colonel Sawyer

Colonel Sawyer is a very happy man with long hair. He’s a bit young compared to the average colonel, but no one has a bad thing to say about him, except maybe about his sunny disposition, which some have called “excessive” and “distracting”.

Major Rachel Williamson

Major Rachel Williamson is a cheery woman. She’s known for her great organization skills and always being kind to new and young recruits. Most people think that she’s going to get that promotion to Colonel very soon.

Captain and Communications Officer Samuel Pierce

Communications Officer Samuel Pierce draws his very Kintamine-like looks from his mother’s side of his family. General Peter Kintamine is his fifth cousin, and he’s never even met the man. His family was very excited when he passed the training required to become a communications officer.