......and we're back... without shading, but we're here, we're commonly referred to as Blitz by everyone I've spoken with that reads this comic, get used to it.

*tfTradefyc* means that this text was translated from Trade for your convenience. This and similar such text occur throughout this comic, as not everyone speaks the same language. Next week, more gore… Yaaaaaaay…. I blame my friends. Originally, Kirk was gonna stab all these people in the heart, but then I was informed that wasn’t fast enough. Still, this time, we see where his knife is going in the portions of a second Kirk is moving here.

No THOOOOM noise with this one, but more power is required, and there's not the same fear value either.
The star that Kirk is using to go so fast. We’ll get into more star theory later on in this story, though this one is probably kind of obvious. Move, with lightning, cancel sound. He has a similar star called Thunder Step, which skips cancelling sound. Both on drawn into his dog tags, which is why he’s been holding them.